What's the best middleware for integrating APIs with retail sites?

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We are trying to partner with other sites (retailers and marketplaces) and tie them into our shopify back-end (like thru API)s then to middleware then to our Distribution Center. Any recommendations on the best middleware to get this done and any advice on the integrating APIs?

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For other retailers, you can use an app like Syncio

This app can sync product information in real-time as well as "push orders" in both directions.


You can sync;

  • Inventory
  • pricing
  • titles/descriptions
  • availability etc..

When a customer places an order for a third-party product on your site, you can push that portion of the order over to the other retailer and it will appear as normal for them. Then when they ship it, the fulfillment details will auto push back to your site and to your customer. 


I'm not affiliated with them in any way, I do use them however for one of my clients. We use them to allow third-party vendors (other retailers) to sell products on our site. It works great for what we do but it can be a bit pricy. Worth a look 

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Hi @acohen 


Do you want to dropship from your marketplace partners? 

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You can check https://www.shipbob.com/partners/


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