What's the best wholesale app for customized pricing and order processing?

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I am trying to determine the best app (or other means) to utilize Shopify for wholesale.  We already have a Shopify e-commerce site and use shopify for POS for retail shows.  But, we also do wholesale shows.  I need the ability to take orders in our booth and input credit card numbers.  I want to be able to customize the pricing, not just discount existing retail prices by 40-50%.  It would also be nice if the app automatically gave the best shipping options to choose from (UPS, Fedex or USPS).  In addition, I have customers who call or email their order.  I want the ability to enter their order and send them an invoice to pay, or that allows me to enter their credit card order for payment and then email them a receipt.  


I have already explored Handshake, but it seems too similar to Faire (which we are already on).  My customers who are not registered with Faire get tired of all the emails and marketing from Faire, and our experience using Faire at wholesale shows is that the customers overlook the emails and don't understand why they have to get vetted by Faire (because they are already vetted at the wholesale show).  It's a cumbersome process for them.  They simply want to place their order, give me a credit card and have me ship it with no other action required on their part.


What works best for you?  


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Hello @ABrantley 


Did you check this all in one app?  https://apps.shopify.com/wholesale-all-in-one