What's the most efficient way to import products from multiple suppliers?

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I have multiple suppliers and would like some advice on how best to import the products.


Each supplier has different fields, is there a best way to import the products into menu categories easily, cost vs selling price adjustment etc. Currently i have to download the products from each supplier, manually adjust the fields, and try and work out the categories to import to in order to tie up with my menu. Its very difficult and time consuming.


Also, with multiple suppliers, an order can sometimes comprise of products from different suppliers which can cause me multiple shipping costs and reduces my profit. Is there any suggestions on this.






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Hi Chris,


You can use a feed app for that, there are a few available in the app store

and for orders, you can try the split orders apps to forward those to your suppliers


if it is possible for your suppliers to come on shopify, you can use Syncerize app or other apps to seamlessly sync products/inventories and orders as well.



Multistore Inventory and Order Synching via Syncerize

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You could import products to your store from multiple suppliers but fulfill orders through private agents. There are plenty of them. Just choose one of them for order fulfillment. They could also source those products for you which are not in their inventory.

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