What should I discuss in my dropshipping website blog posts?

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I have started building a webside for my dropshipping buisness. There is a category in the webside building part where you are supposed to write blog posts? what am i supposed to talk about in those?

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Just like with anything on the website, it's optional. You can have a blog or not.


Just starting out, I would focus first on launching the store and getting a nice professional website that will represent your business. Then later you can easily add a blog.


Benefits of a blog:

- Get organic search traffic (write about topics that your customers search for to find your solution)

- Show that you are an active, engaged business (by having recent blog articles, customers may have more trust that you are legit)

- Provide reference materials for your products (for example if you sell shoes, you can have a guide on "how to care for your shoes to keep them fresh and new". You share that with your customers + will likely get some search traffic for people searching, then they discover your brand).

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Hey, @katarina2!


As mentioned by @JoesIdeas!, adding a blog to your site is completely optional.


However, there are a few benefits with blogs. By consistently adding more content to your store, you can enhance your SEO efforts as search engines will crawl your site more frequently. Additionally, your blog posts can be easily shared on social media platforms, expanding your reach beyond just your customers. When your audience engages with your posts, their friends and connections will also see them, creating a ripple effect that exposes you to a wider network.


While experts generally recommend publishing 3-5 blog posts per week for optimal results, I think starting with a smaller frequency of 1-2 posts per week is perfectly fine. The key is to maintain consistency in your posting schedule. Over time, you want to establish a pattern where people anticipate your blog posts, such as; “It's Thursday, XXX always releases a blog post on Thursdays. I'm curious to see what they'll cover today.”


In addition to this, if you need some help with writing up your blog posts, then look no further than to Shopify Magic here at this link.


Shopify Magic is our new free AI enabled tool which is integrated across the admin to help you create content, manage workflows and products. You can use Shopify Magic automatic text generation to help speed up your writing process and in your case, blogs! Check out automatically generating blog posts here at this page.


I'd also recommend reading our own blog here on 4 Ecommerce Blog Post Templates To Build Traffic for Your Store for some extra inspiration.


By the way, what kind of products are you going to be dropshipping? I'd love to hear more about your store and you goals going forward!




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