Where can I find a reliable Turkish clothing manufacturer?

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my company from the European Union is looking for a clothes / fashion manufacturer from Turkey.
You have to be reliable and your products have to be modern european style and of course high quality! If you are able to do dropshipping it is an advantage.


For now we are mainly looking for:
loungewear, jumpsuits, sleepwear, homewear, sportswear, swimwear, hoodies + sweatpants (matching sets).


Thank you for your offers!

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Hi @Berne 

You can find these kind of products on Syncee Marketplace: https://marketplace.syncee.co/

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Hi @Berne 


Please contact this turkey company.  https://www.akcakaya.biz/

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We can certainly help you with your concern. We are a dropshipping and fulfillment solutions center based in China and have a vast network of connections to the best manufacturers and supplier chains of various products. We are currently growing and we handle 600+ dropshipping stores of various niches in different platform: Shopify, Woocommerce, eBay and Amazon USA. We can do automated dropshipping and fulfillment while you can focus on advertising your products.

Our huge warehouse can accommodate all your items and we can store it for FREE if you buy stocks in advance. Our exclusive shipping, Private Line, can deliver your product anywhere in the world. Our average WORLDWIDE via PRIVATE LINE is 7-10 days!

Aside from that, we also offer branding and private labelling services for your custom packaging. We also offer professional product photography at a very inexpensive price, yet amazing quality.

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There are many suppliers located in Turkey. Please check the following suppliers:

Eleven Athletics
Berke Global Tekstil
Fleksib Dis Ticaret
Too Fabric
Zenen Tekstil
Enso Textile


If you need more information on the suppliers from Turkey then you can schedule a meeting with our team here: https://dropship-empire.com/contact/


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As per your queries, you can go through Oasis Uniform. Its a reputed clothing manufacturer. 


Visit at https://www.oasisuniform.net/

Email id: info@oasisuniform.net

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You can contact USA based Oasis Shirts for your requirements. They also have manufacturing unit at Turkey, which may help you in a great way. https://www.oasisshirts.com/


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Hi veronicaLA,


If you're looking for a company based in the USA that offers dropshipping of organic wooden toys and baby clothes, I'd recommend checking out Apparels Kingdom. They provide high-quality, eco-friendly baby clothing made from materials like Tencel and organic bamboo. The Notched 20mm Leather Band is an example of their dedication to sustainable products.


While they may not offer wooden toys, their organic baby clothes could be an excellent addition to your store.



  • Does Apparels Kingdom offer organic baby clothes? Yes, Apparels Kingdom provides high-quality organic baby clothes made from eco-friendly materials like Tencel and organic bamboo.

  • Does Apparels Kingdom dropship within the USA? Yes, Apparels Kingdom offers dropshipping services within the USA, making it easier for you to manage your store without worrying about inventory and shipping.

  • Can I find organic wooden toys at Apparels Kingdom? Apparels Kingdom doesn't specialize in wooden toys, but they do offer a range of sustainable baby clothing options that could complement your store's offerings.

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Ermi Textile is a leading clothing manufacturer in Turkey, specializing in modern European-style garments of the highest quality. Our extensive range of products includes loungewear, jumpsuits, sleepwear, homewear, sportswear, swimwear, and matching sets like hoodies and sweatpants.


We understand the importance of reliability and quality in the fashion industry, and we take pride in delivering both. With our expertise in manufacturing and design, we can ensure that our products meet your expectations and resonate with your target market in the European Union.


Moreover, we offer dropshipping services, providing you with the convenience of managing your inventory and fulfillment processes seamlessly. Our flexible MOQs and private label options further enhance the customization and branding possibilities for your business.

You can explore our diverse product range and learn more about our services on our website: Ermi Textile. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any inquiries or to discuss how we can fulfill your clothing manufacturing needs. We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with your company!