Which country is better to open shopify ?

Which country is better to open shopify ?

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Hi there, I'm currently based in Australia, however, I want to target the USA audience and USA Shopify. Is opening an Australian Shopify or setting up an American account better? what will be the differences or is it the same?


I am currently trying out dropshipping using Tiktok, should I set up an Australian store and send a link from my USA based tiktok account or just set up a USA Shopify?


Thank you.

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Hi Dan,


Setting up a Shopify store from Australia with the intention of targeting the US market is perfectly doable. You can establish your Shopify account in Australia and configure it to target US customers. When setting up your store, you'll have the option to charge your customers in USD, which can be more appealing to your US audience.


Shopify Payments simplifies the currency conversion process by converting your USD earnings into AUD before depositing them into your Australian bank account. This way, you can manage your finances locally while serving customers abroad.


So, go ahead and set up your Australian Shopify account and align your TikTok marketing efforts to drive traffic to your store. Just make sure you are clear about shipping times and costs for US customers to avoid any confusion.


Good luck with your dropshipping venture!

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