Why am I getting lots of engagement but no sales on my unique product?

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Hi everyone!

I need urgent help with my problem of not getting any sales.

my site is flinkbutik.se!

I really am getting a very good engagement with my ad videos and online store(such as likes, website visits, adds to cart and initiating checkout)! I have a pretty good average session duration.

What I can tell you is this: This is a brand new product with a brand new idea, I almost don't have any competitors so even if the customer wanted to compare my product or offers with someone else's, they won't find anyone that sell this product already. Comparing the price with the idea and it's benefits, it's not that high + I've made a reasonable offer: take 3 pay for 2! 

Correct me if I'm wrong.

I thought the problem might be the shipping time but, I've checked the analytics and people don't even check the shipping policy(even the ones who add it to cart)! 

I checked if there's a technical issue with my checkout page and I didn't find any.

I'm selling in Germany btw and my domain extension is ".se" which means Sweden, does that little thing have this big impact? Please tell me.

By the way I've published the FB and IG ads 5 days ago and I know it's not a long time but what I'm upset about is I have a lot of adds to cart but no sales

If there's anything else that didn't cross my mind, PLEAAASE tell me about it.

Thank you all so much in advance!

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Hi @Appelbo

Congratulations on launching a store and on finding such a niche product offering!
The fact that it is such a niche product means that you will need to invest plenty of time and effort in raising awareness and educating. To this end, you will need to have a clear introduction to who your brand is and what your mission is, as well as what your product can do for your customers. 

When I click on your "About Us" page it leads me to a 404 error, which does not inspire trust. As a new brand you need to gain the trust of anyone and everyone, so here are some fundamental buyer trust must-haves

But beyond your About Us page, think about the journey your customers will take with your new brand. Develop a content marketing funnel to keep them engaged, informed, and confident about purchasing from you throughout their interaction with you. 

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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So you mean I need to make an ad campaign that it's objective is awareness at first to collect data?