Why am I not making any sales on my new online store?

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Hello I’m new at Shopify. I just opened my first store almost 2 weeks maybe and I need help, I have zero sale and I need to have some one who can help and tell me what to do and to observes it please  I need help 

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None of that i have no traffic and i don’ t know which one to use for marketing i need your help please

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Do you have traffic to your website? 


For a new store, your initial goal is to be able to hit the following milestone:

1. Have monthly traffic of at least 2000 visitors.
2. Have a conversion rate of at least 2%.


One of the few things that you should do is to check your abandoned cart checkout and see if there are any issues (errors) if a customer attempts to make a payment. If there is, then it will be shown in the abandoned cart section.

You can use Shopify's built-in abandoned cart emails and send them discounts as an attempt to recover them and convince them to go back to your store.

Are you running Facebook ads? Consider doing AD retargeting. AD retargeting involves using the data from your previous ad campaign to tweak (retarget) your next ads. This one can take some time to master and involves a little bit of trial and error but it definitely gives great results if done correctly. You can check this article from Shopify - Facebook Retargeting: How to Win Back Your Almost-Customers.


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The only way for buyers to interact with your products is by having media on your store. Pictures sometimes are enough. However, the more options your buyer has for experiencing your product on your store, the more likely they will buy.

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