Why are there numerous sessions but no sales on my online store?

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Hi there, I started my store a few months ago and am happy with how it looks. I don’t think it looks scammy or anything but I am getting no sales still. I have had over 18,000 sessions (ads played a big part in this) but still, only a total of about 20 add to carts. I don’t think my website is an issue? Now I’m concerned the checkout page is not set up right in the backend or something.. but surely that’s not the case as I did a test order. Any thoughts? My store is https://thevanityguru.com


thanks a lot!

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I would try different sales / marketing channels. Some will work better than others.

For example, Facebook ads will usually convert at a much lower percentage than Google Ads for selling products.

I think Google Shopping is the best channel to test which products / offers people vibe with, because you can catch them while they're shopping (rather than social media they're browsing or killing time).


This guide will help you get setup with that: https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/promoting-marketing/create-marketing/google/setup


The best thing you can do is hire a professional marketer to dial in your ad copy on all channels, and experiment with various sales techniques. Have them create permanent systems that you can then manage.


If that's not an option, there are ways to get traffic on your own until you can afford a marketer. Google Shopping that I mentioned above is good. I also have a few others I've had success with, check out my quick guide of 7 Shopify Automation Tips to Level Up Your Store: https://orderautomator.com/shopify-automation-tips. I ran a store for 7 years, started from scratch, so I've been in your position before.


Another thing, are you retargeting the people that add to cart or visit your site? That is a good strategy that converts higher typically.


Another thing to think about, do you know who is your target audience and the exact type of person you are marketing to? If not, build a profile and build your branding to that person. For example, on a product page I looked at, the reviews were people from the US, but the product listing is showing the size in centimeters. If you are targeting US customers, you'll want to use inches (I would do both inches and centimeters, so anyone will be able to quickly recognize the size).


I would offer a 10% off code to email subscribers and put that on the site. That will help you get more sales and email signups (and email is an excellent marketing channel to use later).


To gain more credibility and attract users from search engines, start a blog. Write articles that your customers will find useful.


The shipping time seems long, that could be deterring some people.


The reviews look suspicious to me, one listing has 4 reviews all on the same day, a few weeks ago. If they look suspicious to me, they probably do to other people. If they're honest reviews from real customers, then I would leave them in, but if they're not, be honest, be authentic and remove them. People want to do business with honest businesses they trust.


One review said "can't wait to get it in the mail", but also said "shipping is fast too"... but they haven't gotten it, and shipping is actually quite slow. If these are fake reviews, then people are correct to not purchase the product. I understand the desire to have a presence but if you're not being honest then you're dooming your business from the start.


*I'm not making any accusations about your reviews, just sharing my perception as a potential customer 🙂


Couple quick things I noticed that are missing that normal professional online stores have:

- A logo in the browser tab (favicon)

- A privacy policy and terms links (you can generate these within Shopify and make pages easily for them, then put links in the footer)

- Collection pages. Right now you just have some pages listed under home in the nav. If you don't have enough products to fill out collection pages, I would have just one collection called Shop or something.


Good luck!

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