Why are visitors not adding items to their cart on ModaVirtue.com?

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I am trying to get the audiance to my store, spend some money on ads, but whoever visit doesn't even put anything inside the cart. What am I doing wrong?

Webside: modavirtue.com

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Since you didn't mention details of the type of traffic you're driving, my guess is that the traffic you are sending to your site is not quality traffic (customers that are interested in buying your product).


I would hire a marketing professional that knows how to build a customer profile, experiment with reaching that customer on various advertising platforms, get customer feedback, and build a strategy to identify and reach your target customers.


You can try posting in the forums saying you're looking for marketing help, search the Shopify experts profile, or Upwork, or search Shopify marketing agencies in Google to browse candidates. Always ask for case studies and confirm they have experience marketing for ecommerce stores.


If you don't want to hire a marketer yet, you could try Google Shopping, these ads tend to convert the best compared to social media ads.


Aside from the key point of driving quality traffic, see this guide I put together: How to Figure Out Why You're Not Getting Sales on Shopify for ideas and action steps.


Good luck.

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