Why does Shopify require document verification for new dropshipping businesses?

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Why does shopify "support dropshipping", but then makes it difficult for dropshippers? I just started my dropshipping business, and it blew up due to a viral tiktok video. Now my payments are on hold and they are making me verify tons of business documents and licenses that I don't have because I JUST STARTED it and didn't expect it to blow up this big. I have another store that is also very big but is not a dropshipping store, and I didn't have to go through any of this. Why do they make it more difficult for dropshippers when almost every dropshipper uses shopify for it.

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Hi @JadedC 


Thank you for reaching out to the community forums with your question.


Firstly, I want to say CONGRATULATIONS on your TikTok advertisement being such a success. I recognize that this has lead to a bit a headache for you in dealing with the fallout of this success, but hopefully once you get over the initial wave of this you are going to continue to be very successful with this store. 


Most likely what has happened in this situation is that the huge and sudden influx of orders on your store alerted our banking partners who power Shopify Payments. This would have initiated the request for more information about your business. This is to ensure that Shopify Payments is a good payment gateway for the products you are selling and that you are a reliable business. 


There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a dropshipper on the platform, and the intent is not to make it more difficult for dropshippers. The best thing I can suggest is to continue being open and honest with our business operations team and continue working with them to provide the appropriate documentation they are requesting.


Also, please know that if it turns out that Shopify Payments is not the right fit for your business, that doesn't mean we don't value you as a merchant. There are dozens of payment gateway options out there to choose from. If you need help finding an alternate payment gateway to replace Shopify Payments or to use alongside Shopify Payments please let me know. I'll just need to know a little bit about your business and what you are selling. 

Shay | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Okay thank you so much for all your help!

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Hi @JadedC 


Did you submit the documents? 

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Hi yes! I submitted the documents but some I didn't have like the business licenses because I don't have those yet and I explained in the message box so hopefully that will be okay!

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