Why is my online store getting high traffic but no sales?

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Hey hey

ao I’ve open up my store 2 days ago

i I have adds going out on TikTok now Google and Insta I’m having a high traffic going on but no one’s purchasing haha I know it’s early days but that feeling of seeing people in your online store but not buying makes you feel defeated.

Ive put so many hours now into trying to make it look and feel good offering free shipping an making my products affordable 

so not sure what to do and any advice I would be so happy to take and all the criticism haha throw it at me 



inreally want to nail this. I’m working full time with my other job and I want to eventually stop that so I can spend more time with my daughter and just do my online sales 

So any help from anyone I will take on 

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Since you have a full time job you're in a great position to have success with getting an online store going because you can invest in the business. Much easier than taking months / years figuring out everything on your own.


Here's what I would do: (for context I was a successful Shopify store owner for 7 years and have worked in the Shopify ecosystem for 10+ years)

- Hire a designer to create a logo and branding. This is essential


- Hire a native English speaking copywriter to help with the website language. For example, there's a typo in your branding. Your website text at the top says "Love Your Pets Supplies", but your domain is "love your pet supplies". There are also grammar errors.


- Buy a .com. If you're not sure why do a google search, but mainly it gives a more comfortable / professional / trusted feel in the case of online shopping


- Hire a web designer to style out your site. They can help with best practices. Things that jump out at me immediately: gray background instead of white, poor use of color (no clear standout color for primary CTAs, no use of color difference to highlight elements, like sale prices, and an overall feel of non-fluidity). If you don't want to hire for this, you could take an online design course, focused on ecommerce, but someone that works professionally with websites can help you increase your conversions.


- Create an About page and give your brand some personality. People don't just buy products, they buy feelings and make emotional decisions, if they did strictly based on product vs price they can do that on Amazon already since your products are not unique. Create an emotional connection with your customers, explain why your different / unique / why they should buy from you, etc. One thing that worked well for my brand was we planted a tree on every sale. In your case maybe you find a way to give back to animals or pets.


Summary: It's clear to me why you're not getting sales, it looks like your site was created swiftly, feels a bit scammy (you have a fake 50% markdown on all these products and no branding), and exists just to make money.


If you want to have a successful store you're going to want to create a real brand, reason for existing, and give a professional presentation to the people visiting your site.


Hope that helps.


Oh last piece of advice. Don't expect immediate results. It takes time to make improvements, learn, experiment, etc. Just keep improving every week, take courses or watch youtube videos, read articles, hire experts, and you'll be on the path to having a successful business.

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