Why is my online store not making any sales?

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I have had no sales for a while and no trection at all. I dont have enough money to keep my trial going and i might just give up. Can someone give me this that will guarantee a success 



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Your prices seem expensive for an unknown brand, there is no logo, no reviews, and the About page brand doesn't match the website brand. The About page section "what makes us different" is not actually different, it's just standard that any store would offer.


You have a lot to work on if you want to keep going on this project. I recommend either hiring a consultant (you could browse the Shopify Experts directory), or if you prefer to spend time instead of money, check YouTube for some in depth videos / courses.


Here's where I would start:

1. Address the points I mentioned above, those are the quick things that stood out to me.

2. If you really want to stand out / be different, make some videos of your product in action, video review, setting it up, lounging in it, etc.

3. Run some Google Ads / use Google Shopping to run some qualified traffic


If you don't get sales after that, and this is not your product (if you're dropshipping), I would consider another product or niche. Pick something you can build a brand around, something you can actively engage in the marketing / social media, etc... something that makes sense for you to sell where you can provide value to customers.


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Thank you a lot for the feedback. Unfortunately I don't have any money to push out ads and I don't have the product that I'm selling.