Why is the cost per item different on ZenDrop and Shopify?

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I'm an new shopify store owner, and im a little confused. I'm using Zen drop for my supplier while I'm getting the hang of thing. And when I import some items, say, a baby care groom kit for example. My product cost on Zendrop is $6.11 plus shipping (worst case scenario) $7.71. That's $13.82. So when I import it to shopify all of the sudden my cost per item is $9.59, and it's telling me to sell it for $23.55.. what just happened? And how do I work out how much to sell it for?

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Hi guys I to am new to shopify im useing zendrop I have had 2 sales that come to $95.20 now I have all my products set at a 45 % profit margin but when I go to zendrop it says my profit margin is -$31 so I don't understand how I can have profit margins at 45% but be losing money any help would be greatly appreciated