Will canceling Oberlo affect my Shopify plan?

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Hi because Ali express currently take 6-8 weeks for our customers to receive their items. I want to use another drop shipping supplier but because Oberlo only uses Ali Express I am wondering if I delete Oberlo will shopify still be open. I am confused as if the $79 plan i am on is that is for Shopify or Oberlo....if I cancel Oberlo do I still keep getting charged as if I use someone else they will be charging me and I don't want to pay twice....can someone please clear this up for me

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Great question! Oberlo is an app that you add to your Shopify account. So if you decide to stop using Oberlo, you can simply uninstall the app without having to close your entire Shopify store.

If you're planning to switch dropshipping app and make a big change to your store, I would first recommend that you switch to a lower price subscription like the Basic Plan at $29 a month.

If you have been on a paid plan for 60 days after your trial, then you could even choose the Pause and Build plan while you reconfigure your store. You could also enable the password on your store while you're working on it.

You will of course have products from Oberlo that you now need to remove to make way for new products from whichever new app you use. You can bulk remove those products by selecting all 50+ products and deleting them.

Performing bulk actions on 50+ items can take a few minutes. If you select all list items for a bulk action, then wait for the bulk action to complete before making other changes.

Also, do you know which dropshipping app you want to switch to? We have a list of the Best Dropshipping Apps 2022 you could reference. Bear in mind that faster shipping times for products may mean slightly higher prices for your products! Read about that and more in our ultimate guide to dropshipping, and here is our Dropshipping 101 course on our Academy. 

I hope this helps!

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The monthly fee is only for Shopify, Oberlo is free.  If you want to use some other supplier app, just install and use it.


It doesn't affect your Shopify subscription.