1,15K store visits but no conversion

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Hi everyone, we had been running Fb Ads for a few days, first of all we showed them all over the world. We had a huge amount of traffic, and 72 left carts but no sales. All the left carts were from India, so we deceided to avoid showing our Ads there because they were just no buying for some reason. Then we continued with the campaing and still had lots of visits but 0 sales. 

Could you give us some advice please? We really don't know what else to do. 

Thank you!

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Hi Oriol,

Your product is great, and almost more importantly, Hust Brand's branding & collateral are on point.

Generally when FB ads don't convert, you're missing something in the ad design (campaign flow, vague targeting, poor pixel feedback, etc.) OR failing to react to campaign data by optimizing ad sets effectively.

My team at AdSpect manages FB ad campaigns using our proprietary funnel design and optimizes them daily. Check us out - www.adspect.io

Give us a look, we're running a two-week trial free of charge!


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Hi Oriol,

I am amazed by your website. Images have really high quality and give a sense of a luxury brand.

Here are some notices and advice:

1. I'd not recommend running ads globally. Note that if you are targetting worldwide, people in France may not find your ad relevant as it is not in French. Even if they click, they will bounce. So my suggestion is to target countries. Btw, I see you have 5 currencies, so why not start with them?

2. I see you are using Messenger but I'd suggest considering using online chats and other CRO tools such as pop-ups. The latter is an effective way to grab your customers attention and make them convert. You can add time-triggered, scroll-based or exit-intent pop-ups. The last type of pop-ups can be a good solution if you have a high number of abandoned carts. This technology understands that a user is about to leave and a pop-up appears suggesting a coupon code or a discount, free shipping, thus trying to keep them. 

Our team has  developed an AI-enabled lighbox creator tool that offers free templates and advanced settings. You can check the tool here- www.backtocart.co. As it is free, trying won't make any harm 😉

Good luck!

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Hi Oriol,

When a ad campaign doesn't convert it's always a good idea to find the cause before you start changing things around.

Very often it's simply that the traffic is of poor quality: no qualified visitors, high bounce rates, etc.

Questions to ask: did they come from the right country? was the targeting on point? had they ever heard of your store? what was the offer in your ads?

You got 72 add to carts, so that shows that there is some potential amongst those visitors. I see you also got a popup on your site, did you get a lot of sign ups?

If you had quality visitors on your site, it's very valuable to find out why these people left their carts: price, shipping, style, other questions?

Try getting in touch with them via their emails or add a small popup survey like Hotjar to your site. That might give you additional information!



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