10% or 20% discount based on total basked quantity.

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Hey All,


I'm currently setting up a campaign for the coming three weeks. We're going to introduce a 'buy 1, get 10%. Buy more, get 20%' discount.


I have an issue to get the discount to work right. I have tried several apps, but no luck. Hope someone can help me out with this!


I first tried using the automatic discounts and although that could work (based on the value of the basket) that would negate several companies and ambassadors to sell through their own specific discount code.


Can anyone help me with this? I'd like to have the shop function as follows:

Customer adds one or more products;

Gets the option to add a discount code;

If the discount code 'feb' is used, either 10% (in case of 1 product on the basket) or 20% (in case of 2 or more products in the basket) gets applied. --> variations do not matter.

Customers also have the option to use a different code, based on their preference (when buying through a better company deal.. for instance)


Thanks in advance! Hoping someone can help.

This is my site: www.animo-optics.com
We sell premium ski-goggles, for those interested.

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Hey, @ANIMØ 


I'd be happy to shed some light on this. Essentially, the way the discounting system works on Shopify is there are certain triggers that initiate a discount to be applied. For a manual discount, the 'code' is associated with a particular discount offering. The same is the case with automatic discounts, except it applies when the cart is assessed and notices that the cart criteria is met to apply the discount. In this case, it's still just like a 'code' except the customer doesn't actually have to type anything in.


In your example, to my understanding is you want a single 'code' to offer different discounts based on the status of the cart. This wouldn't be possible since in our system each 'code' specifies a discount offer. It's not possible to apply a single 'code' and have it alter its discount offering based on the cart.


Your best option is to create the discounts as you previously have, and have your dealers get aligned with your discount codes. So if they are doing any marketing/advertising on their end, it's in line with your discount setup on your Shopify store. In this case, it's easiest to create 1 discount for 10% off (FEB10) and the 2nd discount for 20% off (FEB20) and advertise those discounts.


If there is anything else I can help you with, please let me know.

Dirk | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hello Animo,


You should use "QUO Volume Discount Tier Price" App If you want to motivate your customers to buy in bulk quantities with volume discount.


It will help you.