$1000 to spend on advertising.. what to do?

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I stared my online store around 5 years ago.

The product I sell is an invention of mine and I produce them here in my shop.

Up till now we've not done any advertising and relied on word of mouth.

In the past we were too busy to worry about advertising since we were maxed out on production. Over the past two years, sales have slowed and now I'm looking to start some type of advertising.

With my product it will have to be very targeted advertising.

What is my product? www.rockitcool.com is the site, my product is a device that can be used to speed up your computer. It's not bogus or snake oil and actually works very well. The top record holders in overclocking used my product to get their records.

What would you do if you were in my shoes?


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Hi @RockItCool ,

Do you have any success on it? 
If you have some audience data in your fb pixel, try prospecting audience keeping your purchasers as seed audience. Try prospecting campaign on this lookalike audience and you will definitely will see some sales rolling in. We have seen success in this campaign while working with clients , here at Addyz.
You can also explore other leads generating campaigns if your motive is to increase your brand awareness and reach out to new people.
However, we will advise just to start with re-targeting and remind people of your online store and urge them to complete there abandoned cart or product they have bounced upon.