100s of visitors a day- No sales

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I am kinda stuck, I don't know what to do because I am getting hundreds of visitors a day but no sales, I have posted ads on Adwords and Instagram.


Any Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Rodney,

Its quite easier to bring in traffic as compared to converting the traffic you receive.

As humans we usually like to see, touch, feel and sometimes even smell something before we buy it. All of these cannot be implemented online. This means you will have to put in a lot of work to convince visitors and turn them into buyers. You can do the following

Make your products come alive

An image is worth a thousand words. Use clear and quality product images to help bring your products alive. Take advantage of contextual images, for example, if you are selling a neckalce use an image of someone wearing it. If you are selling a couch use an image of someone sitting in one. Don't use single images, use multiple images that show more detail and also show different angles of your product. This is a great blog about how to use images to increase conversions.

Use Social Proof

Using product reviews can help you get a lot of user generated content which can be good for convincing your visitors. Everyone loves to buy from a shop that other customers have bought from and have recommended. Product reviews will also go a long way to iprove your SEO rankings. You can use Kudobuzz reviews to collect and display reviews on your store. You can also add Rich Snippets so your star ratings show in Google and other search engines.

Mobile Friendly

Mobile contributes 51% of ecommerce traffic. Since you are running instagram ads, it is likely that your customers first touch point is going to be on a mobile device. If your website is not optimized for a great mobile experience you will get lot of visits but low conversions. Use Googles mobile friendly test tool to check if your site is mobile responsive. You can also visit your store on your smartphone and go through it like you were a customer. 


Leverage on discounts to encourage purchases. You can use "FREE + shipping" method to get visitors to buy.


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Your products have no descriptions. Looking at your site, I have no idea if they are stickers or actual cases. What material are they made out of? are they hard, soft cases? 

I certainly wouldn't buy when I am unsure of what I am actually buying. 

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the landing page is not optimized well and user-friendly.

work on the things mentioned by George Prodromou.

your home page has 7 H1 tags. H1 should be one only.

I think you should contact the best SEO company


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I tried to open your website but right now it shows "DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN" error. So Kindly fix it first. may be user comes to your website but due to the error, they leave the website as they can go further. This might be the one reason for the 0 sales.

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Hey @Rodney_McKenna, I also got the same error message as @Neo_5678 received. So, I request you to fix this error so further, we can give suggestion best to our knowledge.

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This is one of three issues--either your targeting is way off on your campaigns or you have a conversion issue or both. Based on the comments below (I wasn't able to pull up your site), it sounds like a lack of product descriptions would be the first place to look. As an ecommerce site, that's really all you have to move website visitors to add an item to your cart. As others have pointed out, if it's unclear whether you're selling stickers or a case, that's a huge issue. Reviews obviously help. As does a transparent shipping policy.