2,500 visitors in 3 weeks, 2 (very small) sales

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Hi, I had my site open for almost month now. I have consistent traffic to my site but hardly any sales. The 2 sales I did make were from 1 customer who made a repeat purchase after letting me know how much she loves my site and can't wait to order more! Multiple SEO/Marketing people have told me I have an excellent site, on Pinterest I already have 203k viewers in under 3 weeks.

Instagram as well, I was re-posted by 2 bloggers that have huge followings- plus I have really great photos that are attractive and get loads of likes and comments. Im getting 10+ new followers every day on Instagram.

Does this makes sense? Or should I be expecting more orders based off the info above? 

Id really appreciate some feedback as I'm getting a bit frustrated especially since I spent so much time and money perfecting my site and advertising.

Thank you all so much!

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hey anyone? Im feeling so helpless with all this 😞

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Hey there, @Mary36!

Ryder here, from the Social Care Team at Shopify. Thanks for posting! I'd be happy to gain a further understanding of how your marketing has been doing, and see what insight I can offer. Have you been doing any paid marketing campaigns, or have you just been focusing on organic marketing for the time being? Are you able to share your shop's URL with us here so we can take a look at your store as well? 

We suggest our merchants set an initial goal of receiving at least 1000 online store sessions in the last 30 days. It seems in your case, you've already surpassed that mark, well done! The next thing we look at is your conversion rate. Every business is different, and the conversion rate will differ based on the pricing of your products; however, as a general rule, we like to see our merchants' conversion rate between 2-4%. Considering you've made 2 sales out of 2500 online store sessions, it sounds like your conversion rate is probably under 2%. This information can be found in your Shopify Analytics Overview Dashboard.

In that case, I recommend checking your Acquisition sessions over the last 30 days report and adding a column for the bounce rate. The bounce rate is an indicator of visitors landing on your shop but leaving shortly after - essentially realizing that this isn't something they're interested in. The lower the bounce rate, the better. You may also be interested in adding one for 'Referral name' so you can see which sources are bouncing differently. What are your bounce rates ranging between?

If you're seeing a bounce rate between 70-80%, that would suggest that you may need to spend some time on your campaigning. If you haven't already, I would consider who your specific ideal target market is. Building a Buyer Persona is a fantastic way to outline your target market. You want to paint a picture of exactly who your ideal buyer is - what their schedule looks like, what their income bracket is, what their lifestyle consists of, what keeps them up at night, etc. Our Shopify Compass Niche It! course also elaborates more on this in the fourth section. Once you really understand who your target market is, it'll become easier to intentionally design your marketing directed towards them. You may also be interested in checking out our Marketing Analytics for Absolute Beginners for a more in-depth and cohesive understanding of your analytics.

Have you already developed a marketing plan? What have you been doing for marketing so far?

I hope this helps! Please let me know if there's anything I can clarify.


Ryder A. | Social Care @ Shopify 
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your shop's URL?

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Hi Mary36! How are you?


Can you share us your Store's URL? So we can take a look!


Best Regards!


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Hi @Mary36 

Could you share your store URL? With your store URL, we will give you feedback about your store and which section you should improve or optimize.

In the meantime, I would recommend you read this article: How to Increase Conversion Rate for Shopify Store? it's about how to increase conversion rate and 12 factors that help you get more sales.

Hope it helps!

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