2 Months But No Sale!

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HI I am Roy owner of thewalletzone.com

I started marketing in Feb and it's Apr and I do not have a single sale. I have tried all marketing channels available FB ads, Insta ads, shoutouts, adword.

I just dont know what I am doing wrong, Badly need someone's help.

From today I am again going to use Fb ads and Pinterest( I haven't used it before) It would be really helpfull If someone can help me for targeting Interests for US womens

Badly need someone's help


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Hi Roy,

I'd be more than happy to help especially in the Facebook ads department 🙂

I'm guessing the URL for your site is thewalletzone.com. Can you tell me a bit more about your business. Are you dropshipping, private labelling or does you create your own products?

I've had a look at your site and I see straight away there are some things you can implement to help you convert more visitors.

1. Product Images - I can see that for a number of your products you only have a couple of low quality images. I recommend getting as many high quality images of the products as possible (Min 6 for each listing) Try and get images that demostrate the specific features and the items in use.

2. The Product Titles and descriptions - I recommend creating a catchy product title and writing a description that illustrates the benefit to the buyer of using the product. Use bullets and space to improve readability. If you have a USP for this particular item what is it? Do you offer a guarantee or free shipping on the item? What variations do you have if any? What are the specific dimensions of each product?

3. Layout - I'm not a big believer in reinventing the wheel that's why I say to my clients, model what works. Look at what market leaders are doing with their online stores and model their layout. Here's a few to get your started, boombycindyjoseph.com, Amazon.com, Ebay.com, /www.beefriendlyskincare.com/

This would be a great place to start, I don't think it's the platform you are using to drive traffic I think it's the actual store that's the issue.

I hope this helps,


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Hey Roy,

I know it's frustrating when you don't get sales even after doing everything but you need to be patient. I had a look at your store and to be honest it needs a lot of work. Your logo and product images aren't of good quality and should be fixed. You've linked out m.facebook.com/thewalletzone/ - this opens up the mobile site of Facebook and your Instagram link doesn't work. I'll put a list of things that need to be done (in decreasing order of priority)

1. Fixing your HomePage 
- Your HomePage is the very first interaction that a prospective customer will have with your business and therefore it is important that it should a) Communicate the offerings of your store neat and clean, b) Should act as a gateway to all the product pages and other important pages. Here's a Shopify store which you can refer to. Parallel to this, I would suggest you to also take care of SEO and other hygiene checks.

2. Building your Social Media Presence
- It's a no-brainer to understand that having a social media presence helps e-commerce stores to sell more stuff. That being said, you really need to up your game on Facebook and Instagram as these two platforms perform really well for B2C businesses like yours. You can sell directly on Facebook via Facebook Shops. You said you've tried FB ads as well - the reason they might not have worked would be because your current store website isn't that pleasing. Try ads once your website has been fixed. Also, make sure your ad copy, creative and the landing page - all are in sync.

3. Measuring traffic growth and source
- Shopify has inbuilt analytics which gives you data about traffic and source. However, if you want to dig deeper and understand how users interact with your website, then I would suggest you set up Google analytics. With the help of GA you can track the source of a user, what all pages did he/she visit before dropping off, average session duration, etc. Data about your web user will help you make better decisions when you'll create a new ad or let's say add another communication channel. I would suggest you to take up the courses available at the Google Analytics Academy. Here's a guide which will help you in setting up metrics for your store.

4. Retarget your store visitors
- Buying something online is a process. Any user would do his/her part of research before making the purchase. It's your responsibility as a marketer to remind the user about the product that was visited or left in the cart. Retargeting users at the right time with the right channel increases the chances of conversion dramatically. You can retarget users with any communication channel based on a) your knowledge about the channel, b) how easy it is to use, c) can it be automated without compromising on messages not being contextual and d) the ROI.

Hope this helps 🙂

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Hey Roy,

Google ads are great if you do them right. What have you tried so far?