20 days, No Sales. (Swimwear store)

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Since summer is on the way, I have started  a Swimwear dropshipping store https://aureliafashion.com

It had been more than 20 days and I have spent more than more than $100 on FB ads( includes PPE and Conversion - Purchase)

in $5 daily budget I get hardly 1-2 click to my site. My Ad quality is not that bad.  

This Ad for Plus size swimwears and other Ad for Monokini

My CTR is avg.0.5 and CPC $10 or more.

I am targeting audience correctly I guess.


This is for the PLUS Size audience. I have narrowed down the location and age from previous data from PPE ads.


For Monokini swimsuits: 

Can any Fb Ad expert tell me what am I doing wrong? I hardly get 2-4 visitors daily. How am I supposed to make sales and profits?


Any suggestions of targetted interests or anything which have worked for you would be helpful and appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

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Hi Vikram:

An e-commerce takes time to grow and generate sales. i have checked your page, the design and quality of the pictures are ok, but i would suggest you taking out the zoom of the product when you put the mouse on it.

About the facebook campaigns, are you paying 10$ per click? that's insane, you have to take care of that. 

I would suggest you trying more SEM platforms, like adwords, instagram ads... Since your store is new, you have to try and test different platforms in order to see what suits better to you. 


Free Profession Adwords Campaigns: https://apps.shopify.com/cleverppc

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Thank you, everyone, for your valuable feedback and suggestions.It was very helpful.

@Facebook Master: As you pointed out; you're right. No point in targeting the fans of reputed brands. I was under and an impression that as the users on those pages are more engaging might help get a couple of sales /likes/shares. 

The products on those websites are bit overpriced and the users might be interested in swimwears around $25-30. Seems it doesn't work that way.

Need to flex target depending on websites, subscriptions, influencers, etc.

@Rodrigo yes I know the zoom on mouseover not suitable for mobile audiences. Instead, will add full size pictures in the product descriptions that wuold be more alluring.

Yes, cost per click is pretty high need to find correct set of audiences.

@Jarret I really appreciate you are sharing information for free. It takes a lot of efforts to pick all points put into a video, crafting the video, etc not an easy task. Keep up the good work. Will be following and will share with others.

Yes, most of the drop shipping gurus they flaunt their rented lambos and villa's, foreign trips and all sort of marketing gimmicks. I keep it to a level where I could be convinced by their techniques, could make sense in practicality and could potentially make those figures and not get excited by the displayed figures. They teach to shoot in dark. There's no real shortcut to success.


I have a few questions:

1. I know my store is so-so not that impressive. Tried to use the best theme possible. Shopify has limitations when it comes to UI can tweak a few things here and there. At this juncture, do you think the store has a potential to make sales?

I choose this niche very carefully summer is just around the corner I have maybe 2 more months to try and trigger sales. 

2. If I was to sell the website at this point, how much would it possibly go for? Should I sell or keep trying? Would it be worth spending more $100-$200 or more?

3. Anyone here tried and have had success in swimwear niche? Were able to make actual conversions. It yes, it would be great if you could share your Adset or at least suggest audiences.

4. Which strategy seems viable.

  • Direct Purchase pixel (with no sales)
  • PPE > view content > Add to cart > Purchase.
  • PPE > Purchase.

Thank you once again!


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Hey Vikram,

I think that everything you're doing looks pretty good, but the one thing that you're doing wrong is going WAY too narrow on the targetting.  It's no wonder you are getting $10 CPCs.  Especially with CPCs in that range, you can't expect to convert with $100's spent. 

I like how you are trying to target in a very smart way, but sometimes the smaller the more targeted it is, the harder it is to convert.  You can test wider targets, and then begin narrowing those down once you get some results. 

I think I can probably help you get these CPCs down in 1 day, hit me up here: ezra@shopifyconsultants.co if you're interested. 

Keep working on it, it's a great start!

- Ezra

I help people with Shopify SEO, CRO, and Advertising.

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hopefully you got it fixed Vikram  and if you would please share the solution.thanks a lot

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Hi there, 

Just to give you some perspective on performance: the average clickthroughs of apparels is around 1.24% and across all industries is 0.90%. And the average cost is around $0.45 for apparels. Across industries is $1.72. Your cost per click is way above average. This could be because of: 

  1. Audience
  2. Relevance score: higher the relevance scroe, lower will be the cost of your ad. You'll actually pay a lot less for your ads if your relevance score is more.  
  3. Competitors for this audience 
  4. Objective 
  5. Quality of creatives 

Coming to the performance of your ads. Your ad will be competing with the ads of nastygal, venus swimwear, showpo, etc. Their customers are very used to seeing stunning images and creative text. I think you should work a little more on your ad creative and text. I see you have some beautiful images on your websit. Maybe use some of those. Eventually it's all about the image and then about the text. Write something catchy which will stop a Facebook user midstream. If you need some ideas, you can checkout Pinterest or Instagram accounts of brands for copy. 

I had mentioned audience earlier. Audience is probably one of the most important things for conversions and cost. Creating your own audience is good. But since this audience is cold, conversions are usually not that great. 

I see that you've placed a pixel on your website. Are you running retargeting ads as well? Retargeting ads are known to give 2x ROI. That's because they are run to a super-refined audience. Create a custom audience of website visitors and run specific product ads to them. You can also segment it further by running an offer ad to people who added your product to cart but didn't checkout. 

But, do keep in mind, for retargeting to work, you will need to drive traffic to your website. Don't discard organic medium completely. Since you're in fashion, Instagram can work brilliantly for you. Social media continues to stay a great source of referral traffic. And users who come from Instagram are much less likely to bounce off as compared to other channels. 

Instagram is also very easy channel to grow on. All you have to do is post great content and use the right hashtags.

Here are some tips for right content: 

  1. 47 content ideas
  2. Develop a visual theme  

To get right hashtags, use OrangeTwig's Hashtag Research Tool. You'll get trending as well as related hashtags. Get started with the tool for FREE here: Hashtag Research Tool 

I'd also suggest you make your Instagram posts clickable. Making your posts clickable will increase the traffic to your store. Here's more on making your posts clickable: Clickable Posts 

I hope this helps!

- Karan 

P.S - You can also ask your specific questions in Seller Success Facebook Group 

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Hey man just wondering how this is all going for you with this store? I'm in the exact same situation is you were when you posted this with the same niche. Wondering if we could have a chat?


Peace man and all the best.