2500 online store visitors, 2 orders - TikTok Ads traffic

2500 online store visitors, 2 orders - TikTok Ads traffic

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Hello everyone,

I recently launched my store, https://printbuddy.ink/, and managed to gain 2500 online store sessions within 24 hours of running TikTok ads exclusively. 

However, it seems as if I only managed to convert 2 of these 2500 into orders, and only 18 cart sessions. 
Am I doing something wrong? I can't seem to find my problem. 

Thank you,

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Trust factors.

Your site looks great (and better than many), but then visitors would want to know a bit more about you to feel safe buying from your site ... and nothing.

There is no info about you, where are you located, where are you shipping from, where to reach for warranty claims and so on...


And then it looks not that good anymore -- your social icons at the bottom lead to Shopify accounts, your privacy policy mentions " make a purchase from 1ca134-4a.myshopify.com (the "Site")".

Is it just another scam site? -- your task is to make visitors answer "No!" to this question.

Until this is done your ad money are lost for nothing.


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Hey! Thanks for the response. I'd love to hear about your suggestions.

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I agree with @tim that improving trust and tightening up your information is the best first move to prevent wasting more ad money. Felt really weird to me to click on social media icons and go to a random website (not random for us because we know what Shopify is but not everyone knows this).


I used to do a lot of A/B testing for conversion rates, and 1 result I've seen is that if you have an About page (or Mission, or whatever you want to call it) in your header, it often gets clicked, and can raise conversion rates.


There are so many starter sites, dropshipping sites, etc that just sell products. The key to having lasting success is creating a brand and an experience. Create an About page, have a mission, tell the company story. All of these engage the customer and invoke emotion, giving them the feeling of "I like this company". Then with that touchpoint, even if they don't buy on that occasion, you set up your remarketing so they are reminded of you and they have a familiar feeling because you are not just an anonymous website, you have a story. Then they buy from you more often than if you're just a site selling products.


Also, 2500 visits from ads doesn't mean anything, if the ads are not targeting people that want to buy the product. It's easy to cast a wide net and get a lot of clicks, but the key (and where a professional marketer that does TikTok ads can help) is targeting the people that are in a position to buy your product.


Here's what I would do:

1. Test your own site (to identify issues like the social media icons), and make a purchase to see the entire flow

2. Infuse some branding (About page, story telling throughout the site, why people should buy from you, etc)

3. Do some research / learning about improving conversion rates, being trustworthy, etc. (Here's an article I wrote with common solutions for people not having ads convert, could be a starting point, this is based off of tactics that worked for me and my past clients)

4. Run some Google Shopping ads (to target people looking for your product)

5. Hire someone to create a couple TikTok ads, someone that specializes in it. I don't have a recommendation but when hiring a marketer for ads, ask for case studies and what would be their strategy to market your brand, then hire them for 1 campaign or 1 month, test and decide to keep going with them or not.


Good luck!


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