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30 checkouts, 0 sales

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I am desperate and need help. I have had about 30 initiated checkouts in the past 3 days but literally no one bought. How is that even possible? I optimized my checkout and made the checkout process as short as possible. Still no sales. I dont know what to do. Can someone help me out? In the pictures you can see all the people who were about to buy but suddenly left.Screenshot_20200616-173315_Shopify.jpg








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There is no sale even after 30 checkouts that are strange. If you're getting the number of products added to cart and no sales, then your store needs some social proof. you want to show your customers that they will trust you.

A lot of individuals achieve this by showing the foremost recent orders in their stores. 


Or maybe your price rate is higher than your competitors, and it may be that the shipping rate charged after checkout is more than your competitor, that causes what the user cuts the mood to buy, you have to research about your competitors to compare your price and shipping rate.


or you can, Install hotjar and record a couple of sessions. Is that the checkout problematic? Are people having issues making the payment? Basically, see if there's a problem with the checkout that you simply can identify and resolve.


Thank you

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Dear Antonio081001,

Use Shopify abandoned cart email feature.

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