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$30 Per Sale. New and Innovative Product.

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We are looking for the ways to expand our business and to establish mutually beneficial partnerships. We are ready to offer 50% commissions for referring new users, which is $30 per sale.

About the product:

More specific information:

Based on Pew Research Center study on anonymity, privacy, and security online 86% of internet users have taken steps to remove or mask their digital footprints.

So, we hope that lots of people will be excited about the product.

Promotional materials: Banners  Video  Email copy  Article

Sign up page

Please let us know if you could help us spread the word or if you have any questions. For your time and effort, we can offer you 50% commissions from all the sales generated by your traffic.

Thank you for your time!


  • When and how do I get paid?

Payments are sent out on the 15th of every month for the previous month’s commissions. So, commissions that you earn in May, for example, are paid out on June 15th.

Payments are made via PayPal, wire transfer or Payoneer, once you've reached $100 in commissions. There's no fee for payments made via PayPal. 
For payments sent directly to your bank account or Payoneer a fee will be deducted. 


  • How do I track performance?

On your Affiliate Dashboard, go to “Stats”. You’ll be able to track your traffic, view detailed statistics, see your past payments, promotional materials and more. 
You will get your Affiliate Dashboard link after you sign up. 


  • When will your software be available for Android, iOS and macOS?

In 2 months. You will get your commission from all the signed up users.


  • For most customers, purchasing isn’t the first step they’re going to take with you. Seems like you are doing this?  

Our marketing plan is:
1. Direct sales from your generated traffic.
2. Remarketing with our budget on FB & Adwords for 1 week trial software. 
3. Clever follow-up emails.
4. If all 3 things above haven't worked, then we offer another round of free trial software with some additional nice features.

Cookie is valid for 2 months. We will be doing everything to get the user to sign up within this 2-month period. If the user have signed up within this 2 month period, then the cookie is not important anymore, your future commission will be calculated.


  • How to become an affiliate on AntiTrail?

Simply complete the online application here. You’ll receive an email with the login details and link to your Affiliate Dashboard.

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I think I can help with that! 

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Thank you AJ, looking forward to working with you.