400 visits and still no sales...

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Hey everyone,

I'm trying to start my own streetwear/vaporwave clothing brand. 
I've put together a pretty cool website (in my opinion), with all my products/collections.
I started putting ads on Facebook and paying Instagram influencers to show my ads on their profile.

In 2 weeks, i got a bit more than 400 visits, but NO SALES, and i don't know anymore how i can attract people to buy my stuff.

I'm thankful for any kind of advice !

Sincerely yours,
Lucas (owner of TZY)


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You site looks clean and professional. Have you tried to boost your Instagram reach? Maybe that can help. 

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Hi there, 

400 visits is good. Now the average conversion rate for E-commerce sites is around 2-3%. Which means that you should have had atleast 8-12 add to carts.

I had a look at your website and one thing that immediately popped out was 'Free Shipping'. On your website, you're saying that there is Free Shipping on all orders, but then when I checked out, I was shown a shipping cost of 7 Euros. Ideally, you should either offer Free Shipping to everyone or indicate that Free Shipping is applicable only for domestic orders. Make this change and see if you see some change in your conversions. 

Also, who are you targeting your ads to? Take a look at Audience Insight on Facebook to create an accurate persona. It's possible that peope are coming through your ads aren't really willing to spend that much money on such products. 

Can you also share a sample ad creative? I want to see if your buyers are seeing a correct offer. Somtimes, there is a disconnect between what a buyer sees in the ad and what they see on the landing page. I know the lists of things to keep in mind seems to be never ending, but selling online anything but tough. 

You can also email me all this information at akanksha@oeng.es and I'll get back to you with a detailed analysis and tips. 

- Akanksha 


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Nice Information...