40000 facebook impressions no sales! Help!

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Guess I am doing something really wrong but I have 28,000 reach; 40,000 impressions, 1200 people taking action; 928 Post reactions; 214 Post shares; 143 link clicks and not one sale. I have target audience as small as less than 1000 and then over 10M. I have spent $430 and counting. Any kind of advice on this? Thanks for the help!

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Hey Derek, 

There's a really wide gap with your audience targeting. Are you manually selecting your audience or using Lookalike Audiences? It seems like the ads are doing a good job of building your awareness, but that doesn't equate to sales. To get some help with your FB ads, check out Pollen (https://apps.shopify.com/poln) which should improve your FB ad results.

I also have a few suggestions for your store: 

  • Add a favicon
  • Add a page about your shipping and returns policy
  • Your slider images are slightly blurry. Work with a designer to increase their quality
  • Your social links link to Shopify's social pages

Hope this helps!

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