5 Ways To Reduce Your CPAs on Facebook Conversion Campaigns in 2020

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If you’re buying media on Facebook this year, you know how much of a roller coaster it has been: Between shut-downs, boycotts, and platform changes happening inside FB, the landscape for brands continues to change tremendously. I wanted to share 5 key takeaways for lowering acquisition costs, and getting the most value for your media dollars in 2020: 

  1. Test Multiple UGC (User Generated Content) approaches to demonstrating your product in the feed. If your product is inherently visual, consider demonstrations and testimonials from customers. If your product provides a benefit that can’t be seen, be sure to use images and videos that convey the indirect benefit(s), which are more likely to get engagement. 
  2. Use broad audience targeting first before getting granular. Using layered interests and other targeting tactics can yield efficiencies, but scale can often become an issue. The FB also continues to reward campaigns that perform consistently with audiences that won’t run out. 
  3. Use interstitial content to build further intent before showing users the “buy now” page. While long-form stories can be told in-feed with ad text and VSL-style creatives, mirroring this with a presell page is a great way to build further audience segments and educate users on value propositions. 
  4. Spy on competitors in your vertical, or anyone else targeting the same types of customers. What type of language are they using? What creative formats are others using? Where can your brand iterate and innovate to win in the auction? 
  5. Optimize for ROAS and ensure low-CPA ad sets aren’t eating up your budget because the front end metrics look exciting. It’s acceptable to pay a higher CPA if the customer ends up having a higher lifetime value. 

I hope this helps! As more brands continue to shift budget towards digital customer acquisition, Facebook continues to be a mainstay for brands looking to achieve their performance goals. Those who innovate and build sustainable campaigns will be have the best chance of staying competitive. Happy to answer any questions to those who have them. 

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I think this was written for me - I'm getting FB to drive 100's of customers a day to my site, using video... and I am doing it cost effectively.  And Pinterest is working almost as well, I should add.   But the conversion rate is way low.

And I am retargetting them, using both FB and google, but I'm spending WAAAAAAY more than I am selling.  In fact on a good day I spend about the same as top line revenue, and well, if I have a 25% margin (average), then you get it... I'm spending 4 times more on ads than I am earning.

I have what I feel is a pretty decent niche.  I'm selling 30+ items (t-shirts/hoodies/apparel) a month, but in order to support this level of ad spend, it needs to be at least 100 items. 

Maybe some of this is just a function of being in learning phase, but I don't think that is the only culprit.  I'll definately review a few of these items... good stuff here, I appreciate you taking the time.

I think for me, dumping them onto these product pages is hurting me.  I need a better landing page that shows several related products.  Something tells me that's a weak spot in the funnel for me.