6 Benefits of Google Analytics for e-commerce businesses

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Your e-commerce business should benefit from all the data and insights google analytics platform provides and options including:

#1.  Audience Targeting

 Google Analytics provides the ability to group audience based on their behavior on your website for example visitors who view a product details page but didn’t take any action or who add items to shopping carts but didn’t complete the purchase process, or their demographics (gender – age – interests – geographical location – devices used).

#2. Customer Acquisition

 Another useful advantage for google analytics is the data about where your website visitors come from, such as search engine organic results, paid search results, social networks, direct visitors or referrals from other websites and behaviors (conversions) for each channel visitors.

#3. Decreased Bounce Rate

Pages with highest bounce rate (landing pages the drives visitors away rather than encourage them to explore other pages in your website) can be defined using google analytics to land on the weak areas in your e-commerce platform and improve the user experience in this pages to avoid losing a huge portion of traffic with no completed conversions.

#4. Long-Term Performance Comparison  

Data is always available to use in performance comparison between current performance and any period before starting from the date you start using google analytics code in your e-commerce website to determine the areas and metrics that experienced positive or negative changes using many options to compare date in different.

 #5.  Campaigns Tracking and Evaluation

Evaluating your current and previous campaigns performance based on traffic metrics (visits – bounce rate – page views) and conversions metrics (number of transactions – average value of each transaction – total revenue from each source) is available in google analytics campaigns report for both paid and organic campaigns to measure your business return on investment of each campaign.

#6. Competitor Analysis

Benchmarking tool available in audience report within google analytics data provided is a great opportunity for competitors’ analysis based on your business selected industry by benchmarking your e-commerce website against local competitors chosen manually based on their traffic metrics approximate to your business.



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thanks for this post..its really helpful to analyze the ecommerce business performance

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Agreed, Google Analytic is a vital key to success when measuring KPIs and traffic sources for your e-commerce business. 

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Personally, really big fan of the "User Explorer" and "Acquisition by Source" reports.  Probably two of my most visited pages on any app.

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Tracking ecommerce is the biggest advantage that any businesses can drive from google analytics . The tracking technology helps in determining transactions that have taken place  and the revenue generated from them.

  • Every business is eager to know about how well his website is doing ,the number of potential leads and conversion.
  • Google analytics is beneficial in optimizing content for site search
  • It helps in tracking touch points from where clients  refrain from further engagement with the website.
  • Helps to know more about clients interest and their behavior.
  • Google analytics also helps in measuring the duration in lead conversion 
  • Google analytics helps in implementing improved SEO practices
  • It is beneficial in decoding unlearn statistics for better analysis of data.


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There are many benefits of google analytics for e-commerce business and the most important 6 are mentioned below - 

  • Tracking
  • Reporting
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Determining optimized content for site search
  • Knowing more about customer interests.
  • Measuring duration in lead conversion.

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