6y anniversary. Every 6th or 60th order for free

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Hey everyone, our shop will celebrates it's 6th anniversary soon and we wanted to maybe make a promotion that every 6th order on the website will be for free. Did anyone do something similar already?

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Dear @Livia_c 


First thing first, congrats on your great milestone! And here are some of my ideas that you can consider besides every sixth order per day is free that you have in mind:


  1. Six for the Price of Five: Encourage customers to buy more by offering six products for the price of five.
  2. 60% Off 6th Item: To give a nod to your six-year anniversary, you could offer customers 60% off their sixth item added to the shopping cart.
  3. Flash Sale for 6 Hours on selected days: Host a flash sale lasting six hours with incredible deals site-wide.
  4. Refer six friends: Start a referral promotion where if a customer refers six friends who make purchases, they receive a significant discount on their next order.
  5. Six-year mystery gift: With every purchase, customers could receive a mystery gift. You could create six different gifts, and the customer doesn't know which one they will receive.
  6. Bundle deals: Create special bundle packages that feature six items at a discounted price.


I hope that this helps!

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Hi @Livia_c 


This can be done by custom APP.


This will be the flow.


A custom APP will count every order and mark every 6 ( no will be configurable) with a tag.


We can send customise the actions like e-mail for information.


Later you can refund the total cost of order to customer or send the gift coupon of the same price.


Let me know if it suits you.

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