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I'm running an a/b ad test and it's fairly easy to see which ad is sending people our way. But once they are on the website, and say they purchase something, is there a way to track back to which ad they came to the site from?

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Would recommend utilizing UTM parameters.

Have the same UTM taxonomy, but, have the "utm_campaign=" vary depending on the two variants. 

If you use a chrome browser you can install "Google Analytics UTM builder" extension to create UTM links, easily. 

I wouldn't stop at just identifying the best Copy and Creative in regards to your experimentation process.

Once you identify the copy and creative variables that perform the best, I would...

  1. Suggest trying a URL Split Test using an App like ours at Neat A/B Testing to split your ad traffic to two different pages (for example one to a collection page and one to a product page) to see which converts better.
  2. Once you have proven ad copy and creative, and a best performing page (let's say your product page outperforms your collections page), I would recommend A/B Testing and Optimizing that product page to even further increase your conversions. Once again using an A/B Testing Tool like the one mentioned above makes this process easy to test any element of any part of your website.

Hopefully helpful!

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