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A Better Customer Reviews App

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Hi all, 

We've just launched a closed Beta program for our new app, Okendo Reviews

Why does Shopify need another customer reviews app?

At one end of the market, we see review apps of a high quality and with a great feature set but prohibitively high prices for most small to medium retailers combined with tough subscription terms such as annual contracts, paid upfront.  

At the other, we see review apps largely built by individual developers. The lack of resources behind these developers often results in an average UI/UX, little feature innovation and real difficulty supporting retailers at scale. 

We don't believe retailers need to make a trade-off between high-quality and price.

Okendo Reviews is fully featured, sensibly priced and well supported. 

We also have unique feature innovations of our own including shopper profiles, attribute ratings and video reviews.

If you would like to try us out on a free 60 Day Free Trial you can sign up here: Okendo Reviews


Matt Goodman
Co-Founder, CEO


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