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A lot customers in shop, but not purchasing.

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Hi all.


I run a Shopify webshop for a couple of weeks now, and from the beginning I've been advertising on TikTok Ads.

This advertisement attracted 2300 people to my webshop.


The only thing I'm experiencing is: People have active carts, are checking-out after that, but are not purchasing anything. This happens every time.


My toughts:  People are trying to make a purchase, but are not able to for some reason.


Had any of you this kind of experience?


Thanks in advance!

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Maybe the prize or quality?

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The following tips will help avoid cart abandonment:

1. Simplify your checkout process
Your site should have clear navigation guiding online shoppers to product pages that are simple, yet comprehensive.
2. Allow Guest Checkout
Offering a guest checkout option takes the checkout optimization process to the next level. You will get more abandoned carts if you want them to create an account to complete the checkout.
3. Remind abandoned cart customers
With abandoned cart emails, you can remind your customers of the items they expressed interest in and then left your store with no intention of returning. You can do this from your store Settings > Checkout > Abandoned Cart section > Choose to send abandoned cart emails either one, six, 10, or 24 hours after a customer abandons a cart.
4. Giving shoppers a variety of payment options
Add various payment options which will be convenient for the customer to purchase products. Be sure to have these options at a minimum: Credit card, Debit card, PayPal
, Google Pay.
5. Providing free shipping
You can offer free or reduced shipping costs on selected items, free shipping once a shopper reaches a certain dollar amount or even a free shipping coupon code.

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