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A lot of abandoned checkouts without any Sales!!!

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Hello Guys,


Im new to the furoms and shopify at all, i have launched a dropshipping website that sells men watches ( i have tried a lot of facebook ads campaigns and got a lot of traffic to my website, since yesterday i had 15+ abandoded checkouts with about 44$ each! this really sucks since i invest so much in ads but without any payback!


I am sure my website is not that professional and my checkout sucks because it only accepts paypal! i could not configure it to accept credit card offsite()im from isael) !


Please guys help me improve and guide me through this journey i am driven by motivation and never give up !

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Hey it is because your website does not look legit. It needs to be much more professional you can reach out to me via facebook if you would like to hear more. just reference this post so I remember. But you have a lot of work to do! Don't spend money sending traffic until your fundamentals are all correct!

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Hello, this is Rose, I think that you shouldn't be worried because from the Ads to real order, there is still a time, you should improve your SEO, and then to see whether there is a change.

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Hi Mohammad! Maggie, a Shopify Partner here :),

I had a look on the store and got few suggestions for you.

1) Shipping policy - add this page with your delivery rates clearly displayed at the top. Specify how soon the item is shipped and how long does the typical delivery take. Do you ship worldwide or only within your country? The more information you include, the more people will feel assured to purchase from you [trust signals have got a great impact on the conversion rate]. Also, Google prefers longer pages, so adding more content will help you rank better in Google.

2) Returns / Refund policy - make sure to have a custom, unique policy in place. You still display Shopify standard policy, which lists some of the products you are not selling. Custom refund policy will make shoppers trust you more and it will also help you avoid duplicate content issues from Google.

Below is an example about Shipping & Returns Policy

3) Marketing Strategy - One great way to reach to your customers is by having an online/active chat on your store. Customers can get answers to their inquiries in a real time, it's also a great way to build a customer rapport.

4) Re-design - First impressions count when selling online. When you visit a site then what do you see first content of the site, images, offers, headings? None of them, you see the overall appearance of the theme first. Then you decide to read more info about that site. If the theme is not perfect and looks like dull then you immediately try to close tab of your browser and don’t come back again.

Actually, site theme shows your store worth and importance. Here are useful tips for choosing best e-commerce theme for an online web shop.

a) Get a lighter theme, colors, vibrant tone.

b) Balanced Colors of Template

SEO Friendly - This is a very important factor for any e-commerce site because the entire stores depend on SEO. If their themes are not supported then they will not grow among their competitors and they will face a loss. So you have to choose SEO friendly template for your E commerce site.

Make sure to optimize each page for the search engines. Please watch this video tutorial How to SEO your Shopify Pages now:

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