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A lot of view content conversions but NO ADD TO CART / SALES

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I'm Winda. I have a problem with my facebook ads. Help urgently needed!

I started different ad sets as a PPE campaign for 2-3 days, with a lot of engagement. After that I turned it into conversion (view content) and also received a lot of view content conversions and link clicks (another 2-3 days). but I don't get add to cards. I have changed the product description, changed the image, but there is still no add to cart. do I have to change the objective to add to cart? is there a suggestion for my campaign?

Can anyone tell me what might be the reason why I am not having more add to cart or sales?

I am thankful for any kind of advice!

Thanks in advance.



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It cab be due to factors . Design, Loading speed, layout, non interested traffic 

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Hi Andy,


Have you run your conversion campaign as a retargeting one? Sometimes the best approach is to build awareness first with few campaigns and then promote your products/offers to the 'warm' audience who is already familiar with your business - through retargeting. 

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Andy, pretty much all Facebook Ads experts would never run a viewcontent conversion campaign to a cold audience, unless they had exhausted purchase conversions, wanted to ramp up traffic, or were building something like a remarketing list for an upcoming promotional period. The quality of traffic you get from a viewcontent conversion versus a purchase conversion objective is very different. For cold traffic when starting out campaigns, set the conversion to the purchase event. You also have to factor in how many clicks you get when the standard conversion rate for ecomm is 2%.

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