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Hi guys,


After six months of development, our app has just been accepted into the Shopify Appstore. It allows you to test new products/product-ideas for your store, either through email collection or pre-orders. However, the pre-orders will only transact if your specified sales target is reached. You have no obligation to fulfil the orders if it doesn’t.
(You can also set an extended delivery time)


The idea for PreProduct came out of the ashes of a smart-home company I ran from 2018 to 2019. Our customers were excited by our company vision, but we had a problem where we had to invest tens of thousands of dollars on each new SKU without any proof that our customers would purchase it.
We also found ourselves shying away from really ambitious ideas, due to the higher market risk. PreProduct’s goal is to address both of these problems.


If you’ve got any questions or feedback, or if you decide to use the app, you can always reach me directly at: oli@preproduct.io


Thanks and I hope someone finds it useful!


Appstore: https://apps.shopify.com/preproduct?surface_detail=product+test&surface_inter_position=1&surface_int...

Website: www.preproduct.io

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