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Abandonded cart

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I work for a company called ZINVO watches! We're always looking to increase traffic and customer retention. We create unique watches, so we have a unique audience!


Does anyone have any suggestions about abandoned cart emails that seem to work best? Something like providing an offer vs. no offer, free shipping, or just general copy that works. We're still a a growing company and would appreciate any feedback!


P.S. I attached one of our watches in case anyone was interested in the type of marketing we do / the general vibe that we're looking for!Zinvo-Paris-8.jpg



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It really depends on your audience to be honest. I'd test and see what they respond best to.


In almost all cases an offer is going to do better than no offer but for an abandoned cart which is very high-intent you probably don't need to have too strong of an offer just something to get them over that purchase barrier.

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