Ability to get statistics on demographics (age, gender) from customer order data?

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Hi I was wondering if you have used a tool or resource that can help guess or smartly get a customer's age and gender just from shopify customer order data.  I heard that there are tools that can give a close approximation based on customer's full name and their geographical vicinity with some degree of confidence.  What are those tools?  I used a plugin but it only gives me gender, no age.  Has anyone tried anything like this?  Is there a plugin you have tried and would recommend?  Any response or advise you can provide would be so helpful!



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This doesn't extract demographic data from customer data, but setting up Google Analytics and demographic data collection will let you learn about this for all new visitors to your store.

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As Joshua said, just set up GA and look at the demographics of your customers and visitors.

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As others have mentioned, Google Analytics is great for aggregated demographics data.

However, if you want to use demographic data (gender, age, etc.) from individual customers, you'll need another solution. The Customer Fields app, for example, offers a simple way to collect customer demographic data by adding these fields to your current registration form or creating a new form to get more customer data after they sign up.

Collecting this type of data using Customer Fields allows you to personalize the customer's shopping experience or use it in your marketing tools.

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