About dropshipping in few countries

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Hi Community, I have a question. However, I have a Store and I am beginner. My store is ecommerce for home decor and etc and I mainly when I start it and create it was only to ship to UK only from Aliexpress. Also now I would like to make it to dropship to few countries like US , Germany for example but I already add from Aliexpress through Oberlo 140 products which are only to UK ship and now is very hard for me to understand how can I make this products which I have already to be able to ship to US for example. However, I check my website countries entry and alot of them are different and much more than UK clients this is why I would like to ship to other countries too. Please I need your help if somebody been on my situation and know how to procced to keep this products which I add and make them able to ship to other countries too. How can I see in Aliexpress for example are this product is able to go from China lets say to other few countries and how can I edit it on shopify store to be able people from lets say US to purchase from my store and I can get this product on aliexpress to ship it to US. Please I would be so happy if somebody can help me with this ! Thanks and much love.

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