Add Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager to Shopify Checkout (Lite version)

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I have my shop under my own website (you can find it here) and I'm using the Shopify Lite version which does not have a store but only provides the checkout flow. So by using the JS SDK I'm rediredcting my users to finish the checkout process on Shopify.


I'm reading documentation about Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager and it seems that the functionality is already integrated into Shopify but that applies for Stores. Is there any way I can enable some kind of tracking only in my checkout with the Shopify Lite version? I want to at least be able to trigger an event when a user successfully purchases an item.


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Hey Chompas,

As a Shopify Lite customer, you can't customize the Checkout page itself where folks put in shipping details and payment details. Only Shopify Plus (enterprise customers, minimum $2,000/mo in fees to Shopify) can do that.

Regular Shopify users can customize the order status / thank you page. That may be sufficient for your needs? I'm not sure if Shopify Lite users can as well. The easiest approach would be to check if you have access to it in the admin by following these three steps:



Hope that helps!

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Hi Chompas-

With all Shopify plans below Plus, you cannot add GTM or GA code to the conversion tracking page in the Additional Scripts page. I just ran into this myself working a client's site - GTM kept giving an error because these scripts are loaded into the <body> inside a <div> which will keep GTM from firing. 


If you have the option with the Lite version to add GA code it will be found under Online Store > Preferences:

This will add GA to the conversion page:


Paste Google Analytics code here


Is that option available? 


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Thanks for your responses. I do not have the "Online Store" preference under settings since the Lite version does not provide a Store at all. I guess I'll have to keep it like this or add the store in the future.