Add to cart action from a marketing email

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How do trigger 'add to cart' action directly from a marketing campaign? I want to bypass sending customer to the PDP and lend them on shopping cart when they hit 'add to cart' directly from a marketing email. Is that possible?

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Hey @Zhanna711,


Ohad here, from Zoorix.  The solution I can think of requires some coding skills, here is how it goes:

1. Navigating the customer to a dedicated landing page with a query param that specifies the product/variant id

2. Use the Shopify Add To Cart Ajax API to add the product to the cart

3. While the product is being added show the customer a spinner, possibly with text saying that the "Product is being added to the cart", or something similar.

3. After the product was added, navigate the customer to the cart page


I hope this helps and let me know if you have any questions 🙂




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Thanks Ohad! Appreciate your response, I'll take a look.