Add To Cart puts too many products in Cart and goes straight Checkout!

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I'm trying to figure out why our Conversion Rate is so low. In 2020 we had 41.000 online sessions, but it was only 1.56% who Addet To Cart, 0.39% who reached checkout and 0.18% who converted.

We only sell our own Products (Zpey brand), so I would assume it would be higher, when people enter our site knowing what we sell.

Also I've been experiencing that when I press "Add To Cart" on any given product, it sometimes - most of the time - ads 2 or 3 of that product to that cart. Also, it jumps straight to checkout - I do not want that. This might cause the issue, How do I fix this?

The page is and I'm using Modular-theme.

Hope you can help me out! 

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