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add to carts but no sales

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Hey, So I have been running Fb video ads for about a week now. I have had 750 visitors on my site, 20 add to carts and 8  initiated checkouts but no conversions what so ever!!! 


I am running facebook ads for the magnetic charging cables with different plugs, my ads are performing above average ( daily 5USD budget) according to facebook ! 


I do not know what I am doing wrong, I created a 30% sale for the product, have no shipping fees and a quite reasonable price.


Please someone help me or give me tips on what I am doing wrong or what I could be doing better. 


My site is 



I have thought about creating a one product store with the same Item, since one product stores convert higher than niche stores !

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I also get quite a lot of direct searches usually 20-30% daily, but my drop out rate is at around 75 % 

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hey @Phillip1106 ,


how are your retargeting ads doing? you might want to just focus on those instead of the top of the funnel efforts for now.


PS: have a more obvious email capture so that you can remarket to these visitors 

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If there're 8 people who initiated checkout by left thereafter, there might be some problems with the checkout process??

1. The "Ship from" Badge.

In this product page, I can see the only option is "China", if it's the only options, then including this badge here makes little sense. I suggest you omit it.

2. Product Images.

You are having many product images, but all seem to be color variations. Basically, users need at least 3 types of product images to evaluate the products:

  • Straight images
  • In-scale images: The product with its surroundings sot hat people can gauge its dimensions.
  • Feature highlighted image: Images from many angle to highlight the features and characteristics of the products.

3. Email address required for checkout

Do you really need to collect customer emails at checkout? This process is sensitive and every unnecessary steps should all me omitted.




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