Adding brand name next to Google Search link and favicon

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Hi all,


Where can I change '' next to favicon on Google Search? I want to change it to our brand name.



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Did you already check under settings > store details > Profile? There is a "Store Name" field.

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Yes, store name is correct. 

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Hey @SalamanderPumps 


There are a few possible ways Google will pull your site name to include in search results.

  1. WebSite structured data (Google's preferred method)
  2. The og:site_name
  3. Pulled from your <title> tag
  4. Other headings and text found on the page


This article covers the site name in search results more in depth but it looks like you may have things configured correctly though they may not like the all caps and no spaces "SALAMANDERSTORE". It's just that Google's algorithm is choosing a different name. If I had to guess, the issue is that your myshopify domain is your primary domain rather than a custom domain name. Google looks for trusted sources and myshopify has more results across all of Google, so they probably think that is the correct site name.


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Hi, did you solve this problem?