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Ads on Spotify, a new marketing strategy?

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Hey there, Spotify launched its advertising platform "Ads Studio" in 2017. Due to its huge number of users, it currently seems to be a beautiful marketing platform. With Ads Studio, a brand can create audio and video ads in just a few steps. Similar to Facebook/Google Campaign, may bring huge traffic to the Shopify store. Have you guys ever practiced it successfully?

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Personally, I feel like Spotify ads are a lot more tricky to get right. With FB and IG, ads are designed to blend into the content-consumption experience. With Spotify, unless your ad is a song or podcast that blends into the user's playlist, it will probably feel very intrusive. Additionally, doesn't Spotify skip ads for paid users? So it also limits who you can target, right?

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Yes, I have heard about it. I have already written about Spotify making a similar advertising system on this forum. Still, no one heard me and said I was talking nonsense, so I don't think you will achieve anything with this post. In general, in fact, Spotify exists thanks to advertising. Even though there is an advertisement between listening tracks, people still listen to music using Spotify. I think this is a paradox, haha. By the way, I've heard that now many artists buy spotify streams and thus promote their group. Do you think anyone is doing this among artists?

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ahh yes I all tried it lots of time. Buy I awared that again some spotify promotion  company made directly cheating way.  I think they never finish