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I am launching an e-commerce site and plan on a decent budget, starting at $5k first month and then $5k to $10k the second month. I want to focus on adwords, adroll and other retargeting, instagram, fb, maybe bing & yahoo... with that said, I thought it's best to leave it up to the professionals and have spoken to about 5 agencies. There is also a product with service from Wordstream that is considerably less expensive. Agencies are 20% and this is 7%... any experience or thoughts? try one first, then the other or what?

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Hey Mike,

I wouldn't just jump around advertising agencies, they will need time for their strategies to come together and work. 

On a different note, you can do some serious damage in Google through SEO on a $5k/month budget, even a $2k - $3k budget, niche depending. By damage I mean you can kick some serious ass and drive a really good amount of organic traffic to your site. 

The issue is with things like Adwords, and other forms of advertising online, once you stop paying... you disappear. 

The good thing about SEO is, it's pretty cut n dry, you rank and bank... or you don't. However, I know this post wasn't directed at Google and organic traffic.

If you choosing an agency, work with them. Just don't hop around if you're not getting results after the first month. 



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Hi Mike,


I use BlueHat marketing from Montreal, had great results so far. They do the whole package for about $2k Cnd.

If you contact them, speak with Patrick and please mention me.


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Hi Mike,

I worked at a digital ad agency earlier. My tuppence - Try to crack a deal where you pay a low retainer and the rest is as % of spend. If you can make it performance based do that. Set success metrics for sure, such as CPA, Spend to Revenue ratio. 

Also agree on the time within which these success metrics should be achieved. The ad agency should not say testing-testing for more than 2 weeks of running ads. 

Hope this helps.

I have not seen the wordstream service, so can't say. But whoever seems confident of attaining these numbers is the person/agency/service for you.

Also here are some questions you can ask to see if they have a good idea of what to do for you - Ask them what kind of audiences will they be testing, how long will they take in pre-ads time i.e in examining the competitve landscape etc, how long will they take on builds, and finally how frequently will they check in with you. They should report to you once a week at least. 

Ask them if they have worked with a company with a product similar to yours in the past. This is important because then they have already worked with your kind of audiences and may have an idea of what works. Then they will have lead gen lists already that they can target. This is GOLD! Just building a lead gen list of 5000 emails can cost you $10,000. (very rough estimates for B2C). Ask if they have any clients you can "share audiences" with. A good match is like if you sell baby clothes, then a company that sells baby food/ baby toys.

Also good to be clear on who will be providing/ designing images. Will they do it or require from you. Some agencies provide inhouse photography for your product.

Hope this helps. Basically these points should help you evaluate the options.

- Karan
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very nice! great ideas.. thank you - I didn't even think about asking for co-promotion

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Hey Mike!

We’ve been talking about this topic a lot at our office. Seems like so many of these marketing agencies are digging their hooks into retail companies (like yours) so they can't leave them. 

My $0.02 on your question goes back to the first meeting you have with the agency.

If person on the first kickoff call is clearly reading from a script and sounds canned, be careful. 

But if they’re asking more thoughtful questions, you’ve made a smart decision. 

Some questions YOU can ask to avoid these pains early on are: 

1. What does this relationship actually look like?
2. What is on the client roadmap? 
3. Can we engage with the account manager thoughtfully?

We wrote a post on this very topic here. Hope it’s helpful:

Good luck!

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Hello Mike W,

Shoot me your queries which you are still facing in paid marketing. I will help you in a complete way on that you have doubts yet.