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Hello everyone! I am a fine artist and I paint original abstract paintings as well as  quality reproductions/prints. I am about to launch my shopify store and I wanted to get your opinion on the best way to advertise and promote my artwork to make some regular sales. Pay per click on Google and Facebook seem interesting but quite expensive to generate traffic needed to make any profit. Is ininfluencer based marketing and promotion the way to go? Or what do you suggest, based on your experience?

Thank you in advance for your suggestions!



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hey DavidArt,

That's good decision. Go for it.

Now what I suggest is that first make your brand famous. let the people know that there is something named "Davidart". So before thinking about sales, first increase the count of genuine followers.

Instagram and Facebook will be the best source and there are other platforms for selling paintings you can search for them.

make a profile, upload your work and search for the people who love paintings by interest or by category or you can also use #Tag. 

then Do some collaboration and be famous. once the followers are good enough then plan offers and attract them. Do proper planning before starting the paid campaign.


 Hope this gives you a rough idea.

Let me know if you have any query.

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Instagram all the way!!

There are artists who, like you, feature their artistic work as posts and regularly interact with their followers through Instagram stories while selling their stuff by the side. Examples on Instagram  - @criscoart, @aliciasouza (her Shopify store - - FYI she's on the Shopify India homepage too) and more.