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Advertising apps

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Do any of these advertising apps work?

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What apps are you referring to? Or do you mean to ask if any adv app works?

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Hi @Marcus_Walton

My recommendation for you is affiliate marketing. To easily understand, this marketing campaign allows merchants to connect with various affiliates, and then they will use their advertising sources such as social media channels, websites, blogs, etc, to promote your products. The affiliate commission is successfully recorded whenever a customer makes a purchase via the unique link or coupon associated with their recommendation.

Via the global affiliate network, your brand will be reached to different target markets. And that positively affects your sales performance. Working with affiliate marketing properly not only helps to develop your Shopify business productivity, expand your brand into different markets, but also minimize the cost risk from marketing campaigns with low or no result.  


  • To start building your affiliate campaign, you need to have a commission program.

Simply put, a commission program is an agreement in which you pay affiliates, or influencers, a commission for any successful sales conversion they bring for you. Depending on your sales strategies and the primary goal of your affiliate marketing, you can construct a suitable commission structure. 

For example, with UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing, the app allows three types of commission: flat rate per order, flat rate per item, and percent of sale. If you’re looking to grow brand awareness and recognition, pay per order or item could be the best methods. If you are a newbie and want to boost sales revenue, the typical pay per sale is always a safer option.



When setting the commission rules, make sure that it is competitive compared with your competitors in the Affiliate Marketplace. You can set an amount that can highlight your program. However, the cost for the affiliate campaign would depend on many factors, such as your business size, typical industry profit margin and type of sales. As a result, calculate the proper commission amount, just be sure not to be too greedy or too generous.


  • Multi-level marketing: increase your reputation and income through affiliate's network

If you are using affiliate marketing for your Shopify business, guessing that you've at least heard of Multi-level marketing once. Multi-level marketing (MLM) allows each affiliate to invite and recruit others into your network. Whenever a downline affiliate successfully brings an order, the upline one gets their extra reward. 




In addition, MLM works as a network marketing where each affiliate invites another to be their downline level. For instance, Michelle can invite Victor, Victor can invite David. The more participants get invited, the more your products could be promoted in different advertisement sources. Thus, your reputation will be expanded so far, as well as be approached by customers from different markets. 

Nowadays, there are some affiliate marketing applications, for example, UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing, that supports Shopify merchants to apply this MLM strategy with unlimited distributors. Your products can be delivered effectively to your customers without extra costs for building a customer service team or advertising strategy. 


  • Convert customers to affiliates: a golden handshake with your customers

In fact, customers are a potential sales channel that helps to promote your brand in a way that traditional marketing cannot. Consumers spend their trust for word-of-mouth more than other advertising forms. 

Customers who are trustworthy and have a powerful voice are important. When they join your affiliate program, they can promote your brand from their own experience, telling how they used the products and what they liked. These promotions are very powerful to make your products become more reliable. 




Via affiliate plugins and solutions such as UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing, you can easily generate a post-purchase popup with your own message to invite people to join your win-win affiliate program. As long as any customer successfully places an order from your shop, a popup will be shown up on the Thank you page  to introduce your affiliate program.

  • Measure and track your affiliate campaign: the most important feature to manage your sales performance

Track and measure affiliate performance are the most important steps to estimate the result of affiliate campaigns and then providing improved solutions. The potential method to evaluate the productivity of your affiliates is to use quantitative metrics. 

For example, to track your referral orders, a report will contain essential information such as order ID, total sales, affiliate name, commission, order details... Thanks to that, you can check who affiliates work better or who needs to improve. Furthermore, you can click on the order ID to view that order information on your Shopify Admin to make sure those orders are qualified before paying commission for affiliates.


Another graph reports the performance of your affiliates. You can see your affiliate's performances in different programs as well as different time ranges. 


Therefore, measuring and tracking your ambassador campaign is one of the indispensable features that help you have an overview of how your affiliate team is doing, then take proper action for each of them.

  • Chat with your affiliate within the app: communication is the key to success

To run a successful promotion strategy through affiliate programs, you need to help your affiliates understand your brand, as well as your products. For this reason, you have to be friendly and honest, and build a strong relationship between the affiliate and you. 

This way helps to save time when Shopify merchants have their existing affiliate lists in the app and don’t need to use other outside apps to chat. 


Therefore, make sure when working with them, you would be a helpful supporter and available to help as possible. That will positively affect affiliate feeling, as well as motivate them to do a better job.

Here are my recommendations for you and I hope they are helpful. Good luck with your business!



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