Advertising tips for my website

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i had my site for about 2 months already and i only made one sale and that was with google adwords. i barely get any clicks to my site and the ones that do click on my site just land on the product page and exit out which is making my budget go into a hole. i keep on hearing that instagram and facebook is the way to go but i can barely get clicks to my site from Instagram! i have mostly people that just like my photos only, i am posting product pictures and reposting content that relates to cooking. barely any profile visits to click the site link. the majority of people only look at the main page and leave which drives me nuts! i have been posting on facebook groups with my personal facebook and there was no traction there. how can i get more followers on facebook and instagram? i get decent likes on my instagram photos but no profile clicks and comments. facebook is just tough. i have been listening to all of the blogs out there and trying to incorporate what they are saying but there is no use!!

Any GREAT advice on bringing traffic to my site would be greatly appreciated, im already have  $210 down the drain and i am desperate for help! i need a proven and easy method that will bring in traffic to my site


instagram: @cookingcrazestore

Facebook: Cooking Craze Store

also, i am willing to give a affiliate marketer 10% of product profit for every item sold, if anyone is interested, you can email for more information.


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