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Advice for site traffic and sales

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I started my first online jewelry store at Etsy (, and after years of experiences there, I was glad to launch my standalone site,, via Shopify. While I could manage to grow slowly at Etsy store, I have difficulties at my standalone site ( to have enough site traffic to lead sales.

I try to search for solutions of site traffic and sales. First concern is that Social Media such as FaceBook and Instagram is new to my marketing plan for the site. I tried FaceBook Ad and Instagram Ad (through FB Ad) and not working well... Some of them liked my products or images but not clicking the acutual web site... I will study further how the Social Media and Ad actually work, but do you have suggestions that could make more site traffic to lead sales? Thanks much in advance!! 🙂

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There are advantages & disadvantages of selling on marketplace & selling on own website. Creating a brand by selling on own website needs persevarance & patience. It can't be built in an year. I am nearing 2 years & in the same categaory as you are in, Jewellery (but, Indian traditional jewellery). Even today we are struggling but not lost hopes. Reached 22 countries & still long way to go. There is tremendous potiential in online market. You have to be in race daily. You will face new challenges daily. Increase your fan followers on social media, write quality blogs & slowly increase your inventory. Fashion is such a industry, customer will finalize after seeing many collections.

Suggestions - You need to mention your contact numbers (land phone number) & address on contact us page. People will trust your brand.

Initially sell at low profits till you gain some customers.

You can contact me for further help, if you need -


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To increase the traffic on your website you should start marketing your website through email marketing. You can easily hire a freelancer for this job. For more information visit this link that will be very helpful for you:


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Write High Quality Contents, But do Keyword Research First

As you know more content means more traffic for your website. So you should look at ways to publish more content on your website on regular intervals. It would be great if you could add 2-3 new articles on your website around your website niche. And before writing article around a topic, you should do some keyword research around the keyword you want to target through that article.

Social Bookmarking Websites

If you are feeling that your website content are good enough to shared on social networks, start sharing them on social bookmarking websites.

Do Press Releases

You should write press release if you adding new product or functionality to your website and submit that on top press release accepting websites.

Facebook Fan Page

Start a Fan Page around your brand and start promoting it. Look for ways to increase your Facebook Fan Base. We don’t need to discuss the popularity and the kind of user base Facebook has.

Twitter Profile

Create a strong presence on Twitter and start sharing interesting articles from your website on Twitter. You should write engaging and knowledgeable tweets on Twitter. If people find your tweets interesting, they will click on your website links.


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Thanks, Mahesh. Your suggestions are helpful to review my current status and plans.
Thanks, iprogig. I would study further from the article how to plan e-commerce strategies.

Meanwhile, when I check the Shopify's shop stats for visitors and sources, there are only a few visitors mostly. At least, how can I invite or bring potential customers to the site or how can I encourage potential customers to click my web site? From Instagram, FaceBook, and other sources. Your suggestion would be very helpful. Thanks! 🙂

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Yes, there is plenty of ways to bring free traffic, but first you have to try spending some time researching your target audience - where can you reach them, what sites do they visit, what information are they looking for when shopping for jewelry, what's their age group, what's their budget etc.

Knowing this will help you prepare your marketing strategy more effectively and know which platforms to post on. I recommend starting with one social media platform only [either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram], grow your followers there, get plenty of steady traffic, study how to optimize your posts and images, how to work with industry Influencers, and once you establish your presence there, move onto the next platform relevant to your audience. 

Watch few video tutorials on how to get more relevant traffic below;

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You've have a marketplace store, you have customers, you're no stranger to sales.

1.) Do you have Google Analytics in place? It's always good to have have a tool to measure progress and gauge what's working and what's not.

2.) Are you getting feedback from your customers? Sometime the best ideas of getting traffic comes from your traffic, there might be something hot out there that you're not aware of.

3.) Wha'ts your budget and your goal on return? I've worked with too many people that took the shotgun approach and "threw money at the problem". Set a fixed budget you're comfortable with and diligentlly manage it.

4.) Go gorilla. Everyone is in the Facebook / Instagram / Twitter box, think outside it. Yes, that's where a lot of people are - but people do more than share. Indentify your customer culture and be where they are.

And stay positive. It's hard enough to compete, it's harder to compete from within. Mindset is everything in this game and when doubt creeps in push back; there's the forums and success stories, case studies and research that can help you beat out doubt.

All the best.



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Hi JC! How is your store going? Has the traffic increased? What are your conversion rates?



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Adriana, it is still going slowly 🙂 

By the way, Rock Paper Copy, thanks for your advice! I try to define target customers and it will take time but worth to do. I was also thinking to more focusing on one Social Media platform at first... 

Also, Shopify Solutions, thanks for suggestions! I thought I am no stranger to e-commerce sales but the stand-alone site is defferent than market place such as Etsy. I set up Google Analyitcs for the site and check possibilities. I also think the positive attitude is important, but with more strategy.

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Hey JC!

If you're looking to increase conversions, I'd recommend using Savy. Check it out here:

Savy converts window shoppers into email leads and paying customers by providing crucial willingness to pay data about your products. I'd liken Savy to a glorified wishlist button, but instead of simply entering an email, window shoppers also get to enter a price they're willing to pay for items they're interested in; we email them if their item hits their price. We've seen that if a window shopper's price point is met, there's a 90% chance that they'll buy!

Also, we recently introduced our Savy Partner Program. If we really love your store and see that you're an active user of the Savy app, we'll invite you to join! Perks include ongoing social media features for your products, store profiles on our blog & access to hundreds of Savy users.

Oh also, the Savy app is completely free to download! Feel free to shoot any questions my way 🙂

Good luck!


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Hi JC, have you considered using single-use discount codes to drive traffic to your store and convert shoppers into buyers? If so, we'd be glad to publish your discount code on our site for free. Our target demographic is families with kids K-12, so I think it's a good fit. Let me know if we can help!

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Hey JC,

Great looking jewelry website! In your case to get more traffic I'd continue with SEO. Internal linking of your website is in a good stage and I guess what you can do for improving your ranking on Google is find the way to send traffic to those pages.

For example, drive traffic from your existing customers base with Email Marketing. The fact that more people coming to your store and on certain pages tell Google that your website is live and people keep interest on it. Thus, it effects on the ranking on Google as well.

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You have a beautiful website - very elegant. 

However, your product descriptions could use some work. Right now they just mention the specs and for a buyer, that’s not enough. Jewelry is an extremely saturated space. Your product descriptions should highlight how your jewelry is different from everything out there. This article should help you: How to craft a product description that sells 

You’re on Facebook and Instagram. I’d suggest that you focus on Instagram for now (I noticed your website has your Instagram feed). That’s great for conversions. 

But for now you need to focus on growing your Instagram following. There are two things that can help you with that. 

  1. Content: You’re currently just posting product photos. There should some variety in content. Check out these articles for tips: 

    Develop a visual theme for Instagram
    Content Ideas 

  2. Hashtags: It’s extremely important to use targeted hashtags. Targeted hashtags can get potential buyers to your account. For related and trending hashtags, use OrangeTwig’s hashtag research tool. Users who’ve used it have seen phenomenal growth. Learn more about the tool here: Hashtags

Check out this page for the other Instagram related features. If you use all these features together, you’ll really be able to grow your audience. 

To improve click throughs, you need to first work on your audience and then the ad creatives. 

What campaign objective have you selected for your ads? And also, have you created this audience from scratch? 

If you’re running ads to a created audience, then it’s best to start with ‘Brand Awareness’ ads. Since this audience has very little context about you, it’s important to warm them to who you are. 

Also, for a better idea on who you should be targeting, use Facebook Ads Insights. You can build an entire profile of your customers in Audience Insights. 

Although, I truly feel that rather than creating your audience from scratch, it’s better to advertise to custom audience. I can see that you’ve placed a Facebook pixel on your website. Create different types of custom list and target them with specific ads. For instance: 

  1. People who visited, but did not add your products to cart - products with offers or discounts. Ads promoting best sellers 
  2. People who added to cart, but did not pay: coupon for free shipping or discounts 
  3. Customers (people who bought) - new arrivals or other categories

But do remember if you’re retargeting or even using the uploaded custom list, you will have to focus on organic traffic to your website. And social media continues to stay one of the best sources of referral traffic. 

OrangeTwig can increase the traffic to your website. Check out more about OrangeTwig here

I hope this helps!

- Karan 


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